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I think many mothers would agree that 9 times out of 10 you are the one behind the cameras taking photos of your kids and / or your kids with your husband. And then the 1 or 2 times you decide to get in front of the camera, the photos you get are rushed or awkward because weird, one of your kids is probably whining about needing a snack or your husband just isn’t all that great with his iPhone and takes the worst shots (sorry Mr. Wright). Or maybe you don’t get in front of the camera because you don’t feel all that attractive since having kids and don’t want that self to be documented. So then we just stay behind the camera, ultimately missing out. Been there, done that to my friends. Well, I am encouraging you to reevaluate and at the end of the post, I am doing a giveaway so maybe we can change that.

Hear me out, book that photoshoot with your kids…like today or tomorrow. Don’t wait until your children are teenagers or for a time you may feel like the cute woman you were before kids. Show your daughters that you can be confident in yourself no matter what you may look like. Document you and your son, so one day he can be looking at the photo remembering that you were his first love before meeting his future wife. If COVID taught us anything, we don’t know what tomorrow holds, so proudly be in those photos mamas.

For this exact reason, I reached out to one of my favourite local family photographers, Karen from Sweet Dreams Studios. I wanted to have photos of just my daughter and I. I had done something similar with my son when he was 6 years old and to this day, they are still some of my most beloved shots. I told my husband, I didn’t need a Mother’s Day gift from the kids (mind you their homemade cards were amazing and exactly what I love receiving as well), but that I was hoping they would treat me to the gift of photography. He loved this idea (and weird, knew he was off the hook to take the kids shopping which we all know is parenting fun at its finest).

And why did I choose Karen from Sweet Dreams Studios? Well in my opinion, she is one of Vancouver’s finest family photographers and is a true talent behind the camera when it comes to working with young children. From documenting pregnancies to newborns and one year olds to full family units including grandparents, she has a range of services that are sure to meet your needs. The photos she produces are timeless and something you will never regret spending money on (just look at the images she took for me). Also, I must say, we do not spend hours when we do family photoshoots to get the perfect shot. Literally even as my kids age, I tell her that 20-30 minutes max is what they will participate in and she knows that from her own experience. So she is efficient and really connects with the kids which is always key to get the “perfect” shot so to speak.

And of course, no need to live in Vancouver proper to take advantage of her services. We have done photoshoots with Karen in New Westminster and are planning our next shoot near a beach. That being said, if your prefer to stay close to home, she can come right to you there too. Our previous year’s Christmas Card photoshoot was done in our home and they were some of my most treasured shots. In my opinion, she is one of our city’s best kept secrets, so make sure to check out her work and consider her for future family photography.

All this being said, Karen and I have teamed up for a giveaway for one lucky mom! We know you mamas out there work so hard. We know you are keeping everyone alive and thriving on the daily. We know you barely get any time for yourself. We also know that you should get in front of that camera with your kids.

*Please note, this is a set timed mini session with Karen on Sunday, May 29th at Musqueam Park in Vancouver. You must be able to be available that day to use the prize. Valued at $250 you will receive a 30 minutes session and 10 images included.

$250 Photography Giveaway with Sweet Dreams Studios

Good luck and even if you don’t win, please try and get in front of the camera more with your kids. I know from experience that they absolutely don’t care what you look like, but just that you are there beside them.

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