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Practical Baby Shower Gifts Moms Need

In recent weeks, I had not one, but two nieces come into the world. And let me tell me, Auntie Jess still sounds as good as the first time around. A close friend also had a baby so I have had baby gifts on the mind and I decided to share some of my favorite gifts to give new moms to be. 

When it comes to baby gift giving, practical is the only way to go. I remember as a new mom I received a lot of things that were extremely cute but I quickly realized they were not useful and I would of way rather some more items from the list below.

Baby Shower Ideas | Baby Shower Gifts | Baby Gifts | New Mom Gifts | New Baby Ideas


I am not sure why they are still making the sleepers with those darn little snap buttons. When it comes to the 3a diaper change and you can barely remember you name, closing those buttons is actually real life torture. Forget that, even in the daylight they are painful to navigate. I love to gift at least one zipper sleeper to new moms and dads to be. And really, for the first few months the babies basically live in sleepers anyways, so you really can’t go wrong gifting one.


While many parents these days choose to know the gender of the baby before it arrives, I still love gifting gender-neutral essentials, such as sweaters, jackets and shoes. That way if the family chooses to have another child, some of those items could be passed down and reused.

Also, if you are purchasing any clothing or shoes for a baby shower gift, keep in mind the season and sizing. If the baby is born in the Summer, buying them a cute shorts getup may seem like a good idea, but before long, Fall will appear and they will actually need warmer clothes. Newborn babies don’t keep and grow way to fast. When gifting, I tend to buy in the 3 – 6 month range as I know parents receive an abundance of newborn and 0 – 3 month clothing. And of course, when you can, offer gift receipts so if sizing is off, it can be exchanged.


Besides Zipper Sleepers, I am not sure if there is anything more genius for parents than a Diaper Pail, such as the Ubbi. Trapping diapers in an airtight container, these stylish options are a must to keep the nursery smell free. I love this option as part of a group gift.

While I know some shower organizers add a storybook element to gifting, you really can’t go wrong starting or adding to baby’s library. Board books are a wonderful present and you can even write a personal message inside the front cover so the parents and child can remember who gave them it.

I share my favorite board book titles for newborns (“Black and White Books for Newborns”) and also toddlers (“Books to Engage Toddler Reading) in earlier blog posts.


The mama deserves some major credit and special “me” time after carrying a baby for several months and birthing that little one. While we all know “me” time is hard to come by as a new mom or just a mom in general, giving a little gift to pamper mom can be a thoughtful gesture. Whether it is a mask, a pedicure or a gift certificate for a massage, I can tell you it will be well received.


Please don’t judge, but most baby showers I attend, I include a bottle of wine or hard liquor for the mommy to enjoy. Not only does it celebrate the momentous occasion, but often mama welcomes it after abstaining from drinking for 40 weeks. And parenthood wouldn’t be complete without whining, so I find wine can definitely help with that.


And finally, you know what new moms really want, what they really really want…diapers and wipes. I can guarantee you, saving parents from buying diapers, wipes and other essentials for a week or even a month may just have everyone doing a happy dance, baby included.

My favorite brand to gift is Hello Bello, thanks to its adorable packaging and even more importantly, safe baby products at an affordable price point. Hello Bello is the brainchild of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard and uses plant based materials and ingredients. You can find all the product offerings at or, as well as, at Walmart. My Canadian readers can receive 15% off your first order using promo code CANADA15.

Now, Auntie Jess has to get back to cuddling, but I hope this list of practical baby gifts helps you find the perfect present for a mom to be you know.

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