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Pediatric Dental Group : Kid Approved Dentist for the Win

I don’t know about you, but as a child, I was not keen on going to the dentist or the doctor. In fact, I was extremely apprehensive any time I had to make a trip to one of their offices. Partially, it was the fear of the unknown and to another degree, it was the discomfort I had experienced getting a shot or my teeth cleaned.

Fast forward to present day and now I am a mother taking my kids to those regular appointments. Of course, my number one goal is ensuring their experience is positive so it doesn’t become an uncomfortable chore for us in the future. While we have a wonderful family doctor, a few years back we had moved and I was looking for a new dentist for the children. A friend suggested checking out Pediatric Dental Group Inc. or PDG. The specialty practice is geared towards families (even more specifically kids), providing pediatric and orthodontic dental care in a fun environment.

The office we visit at Oakridge Mall is bright, clean and welcoming. There are two primary reasons my kids enjoy their semi annual visits. For one, the waiting area is a kids dream. From a dress up area to a stocked library and toy collection, it is always hard to get my daughter to leave. For older kids, a selection of video games and movies are a favored feature. No joke, when I told my son we had an upcoming dentist appointment, he cheered with excitement.

Secondly, once in the chair for cleaning and examination, the highly dedicated staff ensures the children are comfortable and secure a movie for them to watch while they get to work. The hygienist team is extremely gentle and so good with kids. My son and daughter have yet to shed a single tear in the chair, unlike my own childhood experience. And while my children rarely listen to me, since starting at PDG, their oral hygiene habits have improved immensely. Anytime Dr. Nouri makes a suggestion, my kids take it to heart. He has them brushing and flossing on the regular!

Those at PDG seem to understand the life of a busy parent. Their operation is a well-oiled machine. Reminders are sent via text prior to appointments and the front desk team is extremely helpful if appointments need to be changed. Both check-in and payment processing is efficient and fast. Depending on your extended health benefits, many of the treatments will be partially or even fully covered. No matter what, I can’t think of money better spent. One bad experience at the dentist can cause years of damage and instill true fear in your child. I speak from personal experience.

For our most recent treatments, I was able to get both kids in at the same time, instead of visiting twice or doubling the time I had to take off of work or have them away from school. From start to finish, both kids were in and out between 30 and 45 minutes. And if there is a chance they need orthodontics (my son is definitely moving in that direction), we will be able to visit PDG’s Orthodontics Specialists as well, as they reside in the same office.

I obviously can’t say enough great things about PDG and you are going to want to check them out yourself to see what I am talking about. There are a total of 4 locations, so wherever you are in the Lower Mainland, there are a dedicated group of pediatric dentists and orthodontic specialists waiting to help your family. Head to their website at PDG Dental for an online tour of their offices, meet their team and read their helpful Dental Blog. And now flash those pearly whites…PDG has you covered!

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