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Podcast Rookie – A Chat with Social Dad

As a busy working mom of two who also tries to find a bit of time to blog and go to yoga, there isn’t a whole lot of extra time in my days. And while I am somewhat savvy when it comes technology, I am by no means close to utilizing technology to its fullest. Case in point, I am not a person that listens to podcasts, though it is something I want to start doing, as supposedly you can listen when you are doing other things (for a multi-tasking mama, that is always important). For instance, my husband listens to sporting and political podcasts regularly when he is in the car, when he is working out or even when he is completing a mindless task at work.

So it was an easy decision when blogger, James from Social Dad, asked me to be a guest on his podcast. I thought what a better way to learn about what podcasts are all about by simply participating in one. So last week, I connected with James online and we had a great chat about a variety of subjects including living in Vancouver with kids, summer planning and why I blog. I was lucky to meet James at a recent BC Lions event and enjoy following along as he paves the way for a new breed of “dad bloggers”.

If you are one that listens to podcasts or you are a podcast rookie like myself, you can find our episode by clicking on the link below:




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