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Holiday Photo Cards with Picaboo

As many of our beloved friends and family live across the United States and Canada, I definitely enjoy sending out a holiday photo card every December. Since the kids change so much year to year, it is great to document them and possibly even get a rare shot of both my husband and I in front of the camera. This year we did our Christmas family shoot at a local tree farm and I couldn’t love the photos more.

With a great selection of holiday cards and other personalized photo goods, I decided to try out Picaboo this year. A couple of friends had used them in the past and I have to say I was so happy I decided to try them out. Their online program was so easy to use and uploading images was a breeze. And more importantly, they offer printed addressed envelopes! As a busy working mom, you know I am all about efficiency and this one was a lifesaver.Holiday Photo Cards | Christmas Photo Cards | Christmas CardAnother feature I also loved was the ability to put photos on both the front and the back of the card. I choose one of their pre-made templates with a photo and text on the front, and then added more of my favorite shots to the back. Since there was lots of white space to work with, I think it didn’t look too cluttered.

Picaboo also has a card option called “Cards for Causes” that gives back to over 150 nonprofits, where 50% of your purchase will be donated to a participating organization. So you can send some Christmas cheer while also spreading awareness and supporting a great cause. In this option, you still customize the front of your card and on the other side a small logo and explanation of the program is placed.

Other than photo cards, Picaboo also has other photo gifts perfect for holiday gifting. From beautiful photo books to canvas and calendars, they got you covered for presents for your loved ones. I also ordered a calendar for my inlaws because we all know grandparents can never have enough photos of the grandchildren! And before placing an order, make sure  you see what offers they have. This week, for example, you can get 40% off with free shipping!Holiday Photo Cards | Christmas Photo Cards | Christmas CardSo here is to all you moms trying to get those photo cards done and out the door. Happy creating and mailing!

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