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Best Picture Books of 2017

From heartwarming to funny, I am sharing our favorite picture books that came out this past year. We definitely enjoyed reading these stories filled with wonderful lessons, sweet adventures and beautiful illustrations. I always feel books are a wonderful gift come the holiday season and this list will not disappoint.

You Can Read

This fun book by Helaine Becker celebrates reading and all the different places that you can enjoy a good book. The rhyming text is perfect for a read aloud and always gets a good laugh or two. Of course it had to make the list when it is all about celebrating literacy!2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyWhen’s My Birthday?

You know I love a good celebration and I can so relate to the excitement of pending birthdays. This beautifully illustrated book by author Julie Fogliano showcases a number of kids and their big dreams for their big day.

We’re All Wonders

You would have to be a bit out of touch if you haven’t heard of the phenomenon that is the bestselling novel “Wonder” by R. J. Palacio. This inspiring story about a child with a facial deformity was recently made into a motion picture and also released as a picture book for younger kids earlier this year. Similar to its predecessor, “We’re All Wonders” celebrates being kind and showing empathy.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyAfter the Fall

This genius story is the follow-up to the beloved children’s classic “Humpty Dumpty”. This story about facing your fears and resilience is both charming and uplifting.

The Book of Mistakes

This new title by Corinna Luyken has an encouraging message that sometimes mistakes result in something greater than you first expected. Delightfully illustrated, it definitely spoke to my inner perfectionist.2017 Best Picture BooksNot Quite Narwhal

How could you not fall in love an adorable unicorn who lives amongst the narwhals? This fabulous picture book about acceptance and being yourself is a must for any home library.

Where Oliver Fits

Who hasn’t questioned at some point where they fit in? This story’s main character is doing just that and after making some changes to fit the mold, Oliver realizes it is not worth it to lose yourself in the process.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyI am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness 

One of our favorite authors, Susan Verdes, along with the amazing Peter Reynolds, released this book that is good for both kids and adults alike. It focuses on being present and taking a moment to breathe amongst the busyness of our lives.

The Bad Seed

Great artwork and a wonderful message is the basis of this book by Jory John and Pete Oswald. We watch a bad seed make a choice to make small changes to think more positively and transform some of his ways.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyAntoinette

From the author that brought us “Gaston”, this story has a poodle trying to figure out what makes her special. The beautifully illustrated book has her finding her talent when she steps up when another dog goes missing.

The Lumberjack’s Beard

This cute story for school aged kids follows a lumberjack who houses misplaced animals in his beard. However, before long, he realizes he needs to come up with better solution and readers are exposed a delightful message about forest conservation.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyKeep Rolling!

It should not be surprising that a book by the creator of “Pete the Cat” made our list. Eric Litwin’s newest title, Keep Rolling, has repetitive text following two nuts on a downhill adventure and is perfect for the preschooler in your life.

A Place to Read

A charming book following a boy that is attempting to find a comfortable place to read when he realizes what matters more is who you share them with. Young children are sure to enjoy the rhyming text and detailed pictures.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyMilo and Georgie

This story sees siblings that unexpectedly move to a new city. While one adapts better than the other, eventually the brother finds his way like his sister. The delightfully illustrated story’s themes include facing change and community.

Here We Are

The newest title from beloved author Oliver Jeffers, is an ode to celebrating the diversity, both human and otherwise, that exists on our planet. Its simple, yet beautiful message to his young child is one that for sure will last for years to come.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyWhat Do You Do With a Problem? 

From the author that brought us the wonderful “What Do You Do with an Idea?”, comes a follow-up focused on understanding problem solving techniques. It becomes obvious that problems help us grow and become stronger.


This crowd pleaser is sure to make your child laugh. A sneaky triangle pulls a prank on his friend the square, but little does he anticipate the plan backfiring in this simply illustrated story.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyLife On Mars

A young boy is sure there is life on Mars. While he is “successful” in his mission, there is one rather large thing he fails to see. Kids love following his adventures in this book by Jon Agee.

Pick a Pine Tree

It wasn’t hard to decide that this beautiful book had to be on the list. Included in our Holiday Book Advent Calendar this year, the story romanticizes selecting and decorating a freshly cut tree at Christmas. It is the perfect story to read by the fireplace this season.2017 Top Picture Books | Best Book of 2017 | Kids Book List | Kids LiteracyCarson Crosses Canada

Released around the time Canada celebrated 150 years, this adorable story sees a dog named Carson and his owner Annie make their way across this fine country. From the West Coast all the way to Newfoundland, this book is perfectly illustrated showing Canada’s unique and varied beauty.

So head into the new year checking out any of these amazing titles from 2017!SaveSave




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