Tutti Fruitti Girls Bedroom

When my little girl was finished with her crib, I knew I wanted to refresh her room and bring in a cute toddler bed. My husband will tell you that I have gone through room themes like underwear since she was born…hearts, woodland animals, and most recently palm trees and flamingos. It is just that girl stuff is so darn cute and I find it easy to switch out a couple elements (like different printable and a blanket or two) to create a whole new look.

This time around I wanted to do something that had a bit more staying power, so it meant that I had take my time coming up with the theme. Then I came across the cutest girls sun dress and knew exactly what I wanted to do. It was confirmed when I managed to find wrapping paper with similar colors at a local bookstore, that I knew I could frame and use as a statement piece in the room.

Once I had the color palette and had determined its fruity element, I took my time finding the accessories or repurposed ones I had in her previous room. While I would like to say this all happened in a couple day or weeks, I can tell you as a busy mom, it took me over two months to put everything together. But that is the fun part.

Other than the hanging shelf setup, my favorite part of my daughter’s room is her play kitchen. It is one of those purchases that I swear was more for me, than her. However, it has been well used as she is the queen of pretend play. I knew I wanted to some fruity prints to accompany the kitchen, but my Etsy search didn’t come up with anytime in the color scheme I had picked. So I drew up an idea and had my amazing designer create them for me (see my other post to download them for free).So I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my newest creation. I sure had a great time putting it together. And yes, before you think is it always this clean and tidy, the answer is no…a normal day will see three baby dolls lined up with pretend food strewn all over the floor and the bed unmade. But for this particular day, it stayed clean for a whole 10 minutes, long enough to capture.




Photography – My City Photos and Events

Toddler Bed – Target

Toddler Bedding – Target

Shelf – Target

Hello sign – Michaels

XOXO sign – Michaels

Love Love Love Print – Home Sense

Mini Vase – Local Florist

Pom Poms – DIY

Glass Pineapple – Michaels

Bookshelf – Ikea

Wire Baskets – Target

Play Kitchen – Pottery Barn Kids

Shopping Cart – Pottery Barn Kids

Rain Boots – Drench

Backpack – Hershel





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