DIY Simple Family Gallery Photo Wall

Family Gallery Wall – Made Simple

In my early days as a Pinterest addict, I was inspired by all the images of gallery walls that were circulating. However, I found that more often than not, they looked complicated and time-consuming. With two young kids, time is always at a premium, so I needed something that was easy to execute and simple to install. Using two white Ribba picture shelves from Ikea, and a variety of frames from stores like Superstore, Target, and Michaels, I created my own version of the gallery wall. You’ll notice I used an assortment of textures and sizes when it came to the frames, and I stuck to a colour palette of white, gold, and wood. The same goes for the pictures: I used a mix of images—some black and white, some in colour. I also selected one gold print from Etsy, and the final touch was adding a gold letter representing our last name. I got the gold letter at Chapters over the holidays, but you could easily pick up a wooden letter at Michaels or any other craft store and spray paint it in the colour of your choice!Of course, it does take time to search for the frames and order the prints (let’s just say it took me a couple months from start to finish in my “busy mom” state). Nonetheless, ever since it was put up, it has been extremely easy to continually update and change the photos as time has passed.

Hopefully this post inspires you to get around to updating your pictures and putting them on display. Keep any eye out for another upcoming post detailing other gallery walls I have created for my kids’ artwork and another for their play space!


White Shelves: IKEA

Wooden Letter: Chapters

Print: Etsy




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