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One of my favourite things to buy for my kids are art supplies. As a child, I spent hours crafting, and I love watching my son and daughter create their own masterpieces (despite it being messy and unorganized at times). When I was recently at IKEA to buy paint and brushes, I came across some cute stamp pens. They were extremely reasonable, so of course I added them to my cart and couldn’t wait to share them with the kids!

With their ease of use and fun shapes, it came as no surprise that the stamp pens became very popular, very quickly. Looking back, I wish I had picked up two sets because we dealt with issues around who was going to use which one. Nonetheless, I was happy to have found something that they both could use and also bought me a couple minutes to get dinner on the table.

After they stamped up some works of art, I thought up some learning activities to incorporate the pens. I came up with different ideas for their different age ranges and thought I would share:

Learning with Stamp Pens

  • Stamping by colour – Take a piece of paper and add coloured
    spots to one side. Have the child find the stamp that matches and add a line of stamps beside the proper coloured spot.
  • Stamping by number – Write out numbers and have them stamp exactly the number of objects shown in the number.
  • Stamping patterns – Have them create patterns across the page (ie. ABAB, ABCABC, AABAA, etc).
  • Stamping math equations – Write out math equations and have them stamp out the problem/corresponding answer.

Overall, I can definitely conclude the stamp pens were a successful parenting purchase! I plan to pack them up next time we are headed out for dinner and also using them lots over the summer break.


Mala Stamp Pen

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