Christmas Decor | Cream and Silver Christmas Decorations | Flocked Christmas Tree

Winter Whites Christmas Decor

It is hard to believe we are just weeks away from Christmas. I have a confession to make. I am one of those people that decorate early, like days after Halloween early. I figure it takes a while to get all the decorations out of storage so why not enjoy them for as long as possible? And let me tell you, I don’t get any complaints from the family. Well, maybe my husband, who is still getting used to it.

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DIY Leaf Crown | Leaf Craft | Fall Craft Idea | Thanksgiving Craft | Thanksgiving Kids Activity

DIY Leaf Crowns

Like many, one of my favorite parts of the fall season are the bright colors. I love the yellows, oranges and reds on the trees and leaves that fall to the ground. Our neighborhood has several tree lined streets and on our walks we usually come home with quite the collection of leaves.

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Family Circus | Circus Costume | Group Costume Idea | Family Costume Ideas | Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids

DIY Family Circus Costume

As I have mentioned before, I love getting the entire family involved in a group costume come Halloween. While I know time is not on my side for this as the kids get older, I managed to have everyone on board with this year’s circus theme.

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Thanksgiving "I Am Grateful For" - Free Printable for Kids |

“I’m Grateful For” Thanksgiving Print

With so much uncertainty in the world, this Thanksgiving, now more than ever, I wanted to have conversations with my kids about how lucky and blessed we are. We are healthy, happy and have our needs met daily and I know this is not the case for so many around the world.

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Mom's Night In | Wine Tasting | Wine Party Ideas | Holiday Entertaining | Free Printable

Mom’s Night In with Everything Wine

As a parent of two young children, gone are the days (or should I say nights) out on the town until two in the morning, dancing and drinking with friends. These have been replaced with family movie nights, playing card games and earlier bedtimes, as we all know kids don’t grasp sleeping in the morning after mom and dad have had a night out. Continue Reading

Family Halloween Costume Ideas | Group Costume Ideas | Kids Halloween Costumes | Football Costume

Fun Family Halloween Costumes

I have to say that most holidays have become better since having kids. Halloween is no exception. I wish the excitement around dressing up and going door to door for candy could be bottled up and distributed year round.

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Kids Books about Counting | Kids Books that Teach Number Sense | Books for Preschoolers | Kids Book List

Preschooler Storybooks to Teach Number Sense

From a young age, my son was very interested in numbers. By a year and half, he started to properly identify different figures. I always say it was the influence of Sesame Street, which was the only show he watched until he was almost four years old. That, and we lived in an apartment building when he was young, where he enjoyed finding and pressing the floor numbers in the elevator. Continue Reading

Rylee + Cru | Fox Dress and Sweatshirt for Kid's Back To School Waredrobe

For Fox Sakes – Back to School Picks

I feel like each year, there is a trend that catches on across kid’s gear, style and decor. Think cacti, pandas, pineapples, and flamingos from this year and year’s past. And when fall comes around, it is hard not to see a woodland animal or two, like bears and deer, make an appearance.

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Best Kids' Books About Feelings

Top Kids Books About Feelings

With a spirited three year old and a six year old under one roof, many conversations these days involve talking through our feelings. For those of you that have experience with these ages, you know with them, come a range of emotions. From happy to frustrated and sad to excited…all sometimes within a single hour! Continue Reading