Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Puzzle Holder

One Box, Eight Ways – Activities for Families On the Go

With Spring Break in full swing and the travel season upon us, I thought I would share a little trick I’ve been using for years when traveling with my kids. Actually, I even use it every time we go out to eat or for coffee as a group. It is not life-changing by any means, but as I have learned as a parent, any tip to make life even a bit easier is a good one.

Soap Box Activities for Kids - Dollar Store Soap BoxIt starts with a small travel soap box from the dollar store (I found mine priced 2 for $1, so we are talking about a 50 cent box). What I love about the size of these is that they are small enough to fit in your purse or in a child’s bag while also being easily open and closed by even the littlest hands. Plus, while they are compact enough to bring on the go, I think you may be surprised of what you can fit inside. Whether you are headed for dinner at a restaurant or an 8-hour flight, you can choose to pack one or many of these.Soap Box Activities for Kids - Dollar Store Soap Box

Crayon Box

This is probably the way I use the soap box most often when I’m on the go. In my bag, I always try to have one of the boxes with crayons along with a notebook that can be pulled out when needed. Putting the crayons in the box keeps them from breaking and together in one spot.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Crayon Holder


Similar to the crayons, these boxes are perfect for the mini markers that can also be simply paired with a small notebook.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Marker Holder


This next idea can provide endless entertainment. Fill up the soap box with a few stamp pads and stamps for children to create with.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Stamp and Stamp Pad Holder


Once again, surprisingly, the soap box can hold more than you think! Several times, I have put a mini puzzle inside for the kids to work through.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Puzzle Holder

A Deck of Cards

It is not surprising to find out that these boxes are also perfect for a deck of cards, whether it be regular playing cards or any other card game.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Playing Cards HolderFor the young learner, I also love packing up some vocab cards when on the go. Using these, you can practice saying the words, spelling the words, or creating stories using the objects.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Playing Cards Holder


Fill up the box with a variety of stickers and bring along some paper for kids to create a masterpiece or two.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Sticker Holder


Who as a child didn’t love making necklaces or bracelets? These interlocking beads are also one activity that can keep the kids entertained for quite a while!Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Bead Holder


And, when all else fails, pack up some candy. However, instead of just letting the kids eat it, get them to sort the pieces by color or make a few patterns before they get their treats.Dollar Store Soap Box Activities for Kids - Candy HolderSo wherever you are headed with your kids over the next while, I suggest packing up one or many of these activities to make it enjoyable for all involved!



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