You’re My Swan & Only Valentines Cards – Free Printables

If you know me, you know that there isn’t much I love more than the holidays. I don’t discriminate–I love them all! I love that starting with Halloween in October through to Easter in the spring, there are back-to-back celebrations to take in. Since having kids, my love of holidays has only grown. With each passing one, we fully get into the spirit by creating special art projects and baked themed goodies. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are in full heart-mode at our house.

Like our costumes for Halloween, we start planning our valentines early. In past years, we have done superhero lollipops with capes as well as dinosaur figurines. This year, my Pokemon-crazed boy has a great one we can’t wait to share. But, in the meantime, with it being my daughter’s first year exchanging with her little friends, I thought I would do up my own valentines to share. Thanks to the help of my amazing designer friend, we created three different looks for you to also use. So save the time of heading out to the store and check them out below!

“You’re My Swan and Only” Swan Valentine

I tell you: Swans have become as popular as the fox was a couple of years ago. They seem to be everywhere you look, and I know why…they are ridiculously adorable in every way! I decided to jump on the swan train and include them in this free valentine’s set.

“I’ll Always Stand By You” Flamingo Valentine

Sticking with the bird theme, we couldn’t forget my all-time favorite bird. These adorable flamingo cards are a great way to connect friends this holiday.

“The Point Is, I Like You A lot” Cactus Valentine

I love me some cacti, so they couldn’t be left out either. The best part is, like the others, this print is not only great for the kids in your life, but for you too. Simply send it out as is, or pair it with a cute little plant and surprise your bestie.

Each of these designs are available to print and come with two text options, “Will you be my Valentine?” and “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Simply click below to download, print them on off your computer, and cut them out. Note: I find it is best if you print them out on thicker paper.

TSHL Swan Valentine A

TSHL Swan Valentine B

TSHL Flamingo Valentine A

TSHL Flamingo Valentine B

TSHL Cactus Valentine A

TSHL Cactus Valentine B

Now get out there and spread love. Happy Heart Day, friends!

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