Pokemon Valentine’s Day Card – Free Printable

Since entering the first grade, my son has become a huge Pokemon fan. After learning about it from his classmates, he quickly became obsessed with all of the characters and collecting the individual cards. Like Lego, sometimes I feel like the cards are everywhere in our house. Don’t worry, in my usual fashion, I have now convinced him to categorize them in a binder by type. Luckily, he is my mini-me and loved this idea!

Now he wants a Pokemon-themed room, a Pokemon birthday party, and anytime he gets to choose something special at a store, it has to be Pokemon. It is no surprise that he also insisted on Pokemon Valentine’s Day cards this year. While I came across some generic ones at a local dollar store, I usually like to work with him to make something each year, so we compromised by giving little Pokeball yo-yos.

Putting these together was pretty simple. I found the yo-yos at my local Party City. As a side note, if you are ever on the lookout for Pokemon party supplies, they are stocked up! You could also put a single Pokemon card in each bag instead of the yo-yo. Then I grabbed some small bags at the dollar store and printed off the tags, had my son fill them in, folded them over, and stapled them across the top of the bag.

I know my son is not the only Poke-crazed child out there, so I am sharing this printable with you! Two versions are attached–one with a spot for names and one without. Plus, the great thing is that it’s general enough that it can be used universally when put with any yo-yo or bouncy ball.

Simply click on the link below to download the page, print, and cut it out.

Pokemon Valentine’s Day Card – Free Printable

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day to all those fans of Pickachu, Squirtle, and Charmander out there!

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