Dollar Store Kids Art Gallery Wall

DIY Dollar Store Kids Art Gallery Wall

If you have been reading along, you know I enjoy doing a good art project with my kids. Since a young age, I loved creating and am happy they also like taking out the art supplies to make their own masterpieces. They also both bring home an abundance of artwork from school and daycare, so needless to say, we have a lot of pictures to go around and needed somewhere to display them. Low and behold, our kids art gallery wall came about, and the best part: it was less than $10 to create.

Since we live in a small space (a whole 1,300 square feet of coziness), I knew that I couldn’t have all their pieces on display. I find that an abundance of things put up on the wall is overwhelming and makes a space feel small. So I hope I am not alone on this, but I keep a couple pieces week after week. After seeing a parent tip online, I also try and take photos of artwork before sending it to the recycling gods. While I have yet to do so, you can then put together a book of their pieces using an online photo store like Shutterfly.

Of course, the gallery wall is one of our favorite spaces in the house. The kids are always proud to see their artwork up and it does create a wonderfully colorful display in our home. What I also love is how easy it is to change our pieces. So without further ado, here are the easy and inexpensive steps to create one yourself!


The supplies needed are as follows:

  • 4 or more Clipboards*
  • 1 or more Hanger/Photo Display Hook
  • Nails
  • Hammer

*The clipboards must have a hole on the top to hang properly


The options for how you can hang the clipboards and hangers are endless. However, working with the space we had, I used four clipboards in a square shape with a hanger in the middle. Each is simply hung on the wall with a single nail. If space prevails you can easily add more, or I also think three clipboards in a row could be kind of fun.


Select pieces to display, and switch them out often with each changing season. Even have the kids help you select which pieces to display.


Clipboards – Local Dollar Store

Hanger – Local Dollar Store

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