2017 Mantra: “Be Mindful”

At the beginning of each year, I sit down to list out the goals I want to achieve in the months ahead. From a young age, my parents instilled in my brothers and me that as long as you set out what you want to be, do, see, and have, the possibilities are endless for what you can accomplish year after year. I truly do believe that the process sets one up for success and results in positive, and in some cases, life-changing choices being made.

Before kids, my list of goals was thorough and carefully considered. However, in recent years, while my aspirations are still thoughtful, I have stuck to writing out a one page document of what I want to achieve personally and for my family. I try not to let myself overthink things, nor create a list that is highly unachievable, considering the stage I am in in my life. There are several years ahead to return to a place of listing all the things I want to solely achieve, but for the next few, I look forward to being in the moment with my kids and husband.

This year, I decided to take it a step further and also include a mantra to follow in order to feel my best and give my best. The latter part of 2016, I spent a lot of time in self-reflection, trying to determine how to clear my mind and feel less overwhelmed by all the distractions that were taking me away from being present. Hence, I thought this year I would continue evaluating what made me feel fulfilled and set the tone for me feeling like I was living my best life.

So here it goes–a list of things I am going to be mindful about in 2017:

-Be mindful of unnecessary worry

-Be mindful that I am a great mom, despite not always feeling like it

-Be mindful that I am a loving wife

-Be mindful of comparing myself to others

-Be mindful of working towards grace, not perfection

-Be mindful that I can’t do it all

-Be mindful that it is okay to ask for help

-Be mindful that I have two sets of eyes always watching and learning from my every move

-Be mindful that I have so much to be grateful for

-Be mindful of taking time for myself without feeling guilt

-Be mindful of my actions in a world of digital distractions

-Be mindful that not much happens without hard work and dedication

-Be mindful of my interactions with my family, my friends, and even strangers

-Be mindful of being present

I am sure this list will develop as the year progresses. Nonetheless, I feel like this a wonderful starting point for what I truly want to focus on in 2017 and something I can refer to when my mind takes me to a place of negativity or distraction.

I challenge you to create your own mantra or mindful list. It has been an enlightening way to start the new year!


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