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Oh-So-Sweet Cherry Baby Shower

I was beyond thrilled when one of my closest friends became pregnant with her first child earlier this year. She had always wanted to be a mom and I was excited to watch her in this new role. And of course, I couldn’t wait to spoil her and the baby, as she had done the same when my kids were born.

With her little girl arriving in August, the shower was set for a summer afternoon, and I thought a cherry theme may be kind of fun, considering it was the fruit of the season in our province. My decision was solidified when I came across the cutest cherry baby dress. It was all meant to be!Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyI booked a wonderful, bright event space to host the group of women in attendance and enlisted the mom-to-be’s best friend to help me with organization and setup. Not surprisingly, once we decided on the cherry theme, figuring out what was going to be served up on the dessert table was easy.Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyBy far the most popular item on the table were the cherry cheesecakes in mini mason jars. So cute and delicious (see my other post for the recipe for this easy, no-bake dessert option).

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyOh So Sweet Cherry Baby Shower - Mini Cherry Cheesecakes in Mason JarsI baked up some sugar cookies and added a simple cherry outline. French vanilla cupcakes with mini cherry toppers were also added to the mix. Macaroons, fruit bars, white chocolate cookies, and of course, lots of fresh cherries, rounded out the dessert table options.Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyIn addition to the sweets, we served up a variety of salads, cheese scones, and popcorn. Drinks included fruit infused water, lemonade, and sweet cherry sangria.Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Since the studio had an abundance of white space, I wanted to create a background for our photos. We used washi tape to hang a few floral vines that I created using dollar store supplies (details on how you can create your own effective and inexpensive floral wall will also be added to the blog soon). I absolutely love how the photos of the mom-to-be turned out. She really has one of the cutest bellies I have ever seen!Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry Party

Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyWhile we wanted to keep the games to a minimum so we could visit and enjoy a kid-free afternoon, we did play a couple fun ones, including a guessing game and one with playdoh. The Baby Shower Bag game is where each bag had an essential item for the baby or mom in it. Players have to guess what is in each bag based on the letter on the outside (e.g. B had a bottle inside and R had a rattle inside, etc.), and the person with most correct answers gets a prize. The other game that was a hit involved guests molding playdoh to create a little baby figures. The new mom then got to choose which one was her favorite. It was amazing to see all the different variations people came up with!Cherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyCherry Baby Shower / Cherry PartyUpon leaving the shower, guests were given little treat jars filled with cherry flavored candies. It really was a lovely afternoon celebrating one of my favorite people. Can’t wait to meet her baby in the next couple of weeks!

Cherry Baby Shower | Cherry Party | Baby DressSOURCES

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