Parent Hacks for Summer: Sun Protection and Sand Removal

Outdoor Fun – Tips for Sun Safety and Sand Removal

With summer weather finally arriving here on the West Coast—at least, that’s what we’re hoping for—I thought I would share some tips on how we stay sun-safe and clean when hitting the parks, pools and beaches during the warmer months.

TIP 1: APPLYING SUNSCREEN WITH A FOUNDATION BRUSHSummer Parent Hacks: Applying Sunscreen with a Foundation BrushIf you’re a parent, I can guarantee you have struggled to apply sunscreen to your baby, toddler, or child at some point. I personally have literally chased my little ones through the house trying to get on a coat of lotion on before heading outdoors…A fun endeavor, to say the least.

So, I am going to share a suggestion I came across a couple years back that was, in fact, “life-changing”. Pick up a brush used to apply foundation at your local drug store and apply the sunscreen with it. Not only do the kids love this technique of “painting on” the lotion, it ensures they are fully and properly covered on their face, arms, and legs.

TIP 2: SUN  HATS THAT ACTUALLY STAY ON!Summer Parent Hack: Sunhats that Stay OnSimilar to the sunscreen struggle, as a mom or a dad, you probably have also had issues with keeping hats on your children while out enjoying a sunny day. You can only imagine how happy I was when I was introduced to a local company that had created a hat that not only provides sun protection, but also a design that stays on and can grow with your child.

Twinkle Belle’s Grow-with-me hats offer 50+ SPF protection and are adjustable in two spots: the head and chin. Plus, how adorable is the gender-neutral print I picked out for my daughter? It’s one of many cute prints they offer in their hats for babies, toddlers, and kids alike.

TIP 3: SAND REMOVAL WITH BABY POWDERSummer Parent Hack: Baby Powder to Remove SandWhile a day at the beach can be an enjoyable outing, it can also be pretty messy. And I’m sure there have been times when your little one has been playing nicely in the sand…and that very moment was followed by a scream session to remove the sand from their hands and feet immediately. Or you have arrived home in the car only to realize you brought an entire sand box home with you.

Well, here’s another parent-hack that may help: When baby powder is applied to sandy skin, it strips the moisture away and allows the sand to come off with ease! Let me tell you—since learning this little trick, our beach bag is never fully packed unless it has a bottle of baby powder!

As a mom, I know how long it takes to pack up the beach bag or diaper bag before heading outside. However, perhaps adding a couple of these items may make things easier in the long run.

Now go out and enjoy that summer weather!


Hat: Twinkle Belle Designs

Sunscreen: Sunbum, Shoppers Drug Mart

Foundation Brush: Joe Fresh, Shoppers Drug Mart

Baby Powder: Burts Bee, Target

Sunglasses: Gap






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